Fan of sports, walking, hiking, eating, history or just curious to discover our region, you're at the right place !
The well-groomed hiking trails marked by the Vosgien Club will guide you through our mountains or the farm-inns will welcome you for a meal or a short break. 
A bike park, climbing sites, winter downhill, cross-country or toboggan runs will fill your sports cravings while a sleigh or carriage ride will take you to unknown places.The nearby historic sites will tell you about the First World War in this area that was on the front lines while local producers are waiting for you to discover and taste local products.

  1. Walking
  2. Sports
  3. Foodie
  4. History

From the shaded undergrowth to the Vosges stubbles and crests,
you will discover lakes nestled at the bottom of glacial cirques whose waters, sometimes dark, sometimes green, will cool your hands.
On the culms, you can cross deer while the steep slopes shelter chamois.

You will be able to ride our trails at a more sporty pace if you are a fan of long sports walks or drop the bike park at full speed,
unless a summer sled is more adapted to your rhythm.

In winter, everything disappears under a white coat that, on foot, cross-country skiing or on the downhill slopes will make you rediscover another mountain.

Sporty or not, the farm-inns offer you gourmet stops in a beautiful landscape.
Easily accessible even by car, they await you for a complete meal around the home productions with a market meal that will delight the most demanding
or a gourmet stop for a stroll around a blueberry pie.

The only mountain front between France and the Empire between 1915 and 1918, the Vosges kept many traces and vestiges of the fighting.
The Tête des Faux just above Lapoutroie is one of those battlefields on which there are many works that a discovery trail will make you know.
The Linge and its museum will make you vibrate in its trenches where you will measure the closeness of the fighters and all the difficulties of their missions.
Further on, the Hartmannswillerkopf offers a historial while its wide battlefield offers a different vision at the gates of the Alsatian plain.
A day in Alsace du Nord will take you back to the places of the 1870 war and then a jump in the one of 1940 with a perfectly and patiently restored Maginot Line fort